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টেকনাফ-সেন্টমার্টিন নৌ-রুটে পর্যটক পরিবহন জাহাজ চলাচলের অনুমতি প্রদানের দাবীতে যৌথ সংবাদ সম্মেলন

নবাগত জেলা প্রশাসক জনাব মুহাম্মদ শাহীন ইমরান মহোদয়কে ফুলের শুভেচ্ছা

লং বিচ হোটেলে আয়োজিত “উপকূল সুরক্ষা কর্মসূচি ও পরামর্শ সভায়”


Welcome to (TOAC) Tour Operator Association of Cox’s Bazar

Tour Operators Association of Cox’s Bazar (TOAC) was formed in the year of 2004 with various tourism-related tour and travel operators scattered around Cox’s Bazar.Since its inception, the members of the organization have been providing various services related to tourism to domestic and foreign tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar.Apart from this, the organization is working for branding Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in the world.The members of the organization successfully provide various services including accommodation, transportation, guides, by ensuring the safety of the tourists.

TOAC Mission & Vision

– Creating awareness to value tourists as guests.

-To ensure that tourists are not cheated during the travel period

-Working for tourism development at local and regional level.

-Ensuring local representation in tourism industry development.

-To work towards overall economic development of tour operators.

-To make local people involved and aware of tourism development.

-Providing accurate travel related information to tourists.

-To organize tourism day fair seminar cultural program exhibition seminar and competition.

-Working in coordination with national tourism related ministries and organizations.

-Regulating tour operators and working to improve service quality.

-To ensure a safe working environment for guides and provide training to improve their skills.

-Participating in beach cleaning activities, protecting the natural environment and social activities.

-Involvement in print, media and web media for tourism promotion of Cox’s Bazar.

-Working on developing new tourist spots and assisting tourists in any danger.

(TOAC) Projects & Program

TOAC Niladri Lake is another beautiful destination to visit.